Introducing MINT Lift®, PDO suture for facial tissue fixation
Global patent registration
MINT Lift® is a global brand with patents on manufacturing methods registered in 11 countries1).

It is a global brand with unique, unrivaled technological capabilities by securing patent registrations on the manufacturing method for each country.
1) Internal Data: Republic of Korea, China, Germany, Spain, France, Brazil, United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey, Japan, United States
Approval of PDO thread for facial lifting
MINT Lift® is a product currently and continuously exported to 17 countries* including Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, etc.
as a PDO thread for facial lifting.

In foreign countries, the use of PDO thread that has not been approved as a lifting thread is strictly prohibited.
* United States, Colombia, Kyrgyzstan, Costa Rica, Peru, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Vietnam, Taiwan, Russia, Philippines, China, Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia, Kazakhstan
Global MINT Lift® exported worldwide
MINT Lift® is a global brand that exports to overseas countries including
the United States, England, China, etc., and Hans Biomed, as the manufacturer,
establishes overseas corporations in foreign countries with strict manufacturing and quality control management.