Introducing MINT Lift®, PDO suture for facial tissue fixation
For improving wrinkles and sagging skin
Thread for ‘facial soft tissue fixation’ MINT Lift®
patented 360-rotating three-dimensional projection
It is strongly fixed on the skin and shows excellent effect.
Safe manufacturing management
and compliance with medical device regulations
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    Hans Biomed directly manufactures and packages all processes of manufacturing under strict regulations and prohibits the use of a 3rd company for the manufacturing process.
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    Guidelines for the disposable medical device regulations are followed to ensure patient safety
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    Sterilized MINT Lift® is for single use only and not reused by re-sterilization
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    MINT Lift® does not use resealable packaging for reuse purposes. Reuse of opened MINT Lift® is strictly prohibited.
Proven efficacy and safety through clinical studies
MINT Lift® is clinically studied on actual patients and supported with thesis publications for its efficacy and safety for wrinkle improvement.

*Ref. 1) Woon Il Back, Woo Seob Kim, Joon Hyuk Suh. Lower Facial Rejuvenation Using Absorbable Casting Barbed Thread. Dermatologic Surgery. 2017;43(6):884-887
2) Samira Yarak, Juliano Augusto Ribeiro de Carvalho. Facial Rejuvenation with Absorbable and Barbed Thread Lift: Case Series with MINT Lift®. Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research. 2017;8(5).
Based on the clinical studies and scientific publications, MINT Lift® is approved for use in skin tissue lifting in 17 countries* including USA FDA 510(k), and China NMPA

* China, Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Panama, and Republic of South Africa, etc.
MINT Lift® Clinical Analysis
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MINT Lift® main ingredient, PDO
PDO is a safe raw material that is nonantigenic and fully dissolved within 6 months of the procedure.